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Manuela Svoboda

Sworn court interpreter and translator with long-term professional experience (since 1998) offers translations of all kinds of technical and standard texts as well as documents from and into English, German and Croatian (certified or not certified), including proof-reading of English, German and Croatian texts.

Professional education:

Born and raised in Germany, I graduated from the Johann-Wolfgang von Goethe University in Frankfurt a.M. where I studied German and English language and literature for a teaching profession. During my studies I spent some time abroad to improve my English knowledge.

I achieved my post-graduate degree at the Alpen-Adria University in Klagenfurt, Austria, where I was awarded my PhD upon defending my thesis „The influence of the Croatian mother tongue on written language production and translation of texts from their mother tongue into German in undergraduate students of German as a foreign language”.

Professional experience:

Within my teaching profession at the German department at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, amongst other things, I give classes in translation practice for undergraduate students as well as interpreting (consecutive and simultaneous) and translation practice on postgraduate level (post-graduate studies for specialist translators), as my main field of research and expertise is translatology.

I gained additional professional experience in the area of translating and interpreting while working for a number of companies in Germany and Croatia (inter alia I worked as interpreter and translator at Erste bank Rijeka), as well as by producing translations for private persons in Germany, Croatia and the USA.

Basic prices:

The basic price for a certified translation from English/German into Croatian is HRK 80 (10.50€) and from Croatian into English/German HRK 100 (13€) per standard page. A standard page matches 1800 signs with spaces. The minimum price for a translation is 1 standard page.

The reason for quoting basic prices lies in the fact that not all texts are equal and technical texts are charged a little more than standard texts, as they are much more complex and demanding. The final price depends on text type and complexity and will be offered to you upon submitting the text and after the translator obtains an overview of text amount and terminology.

If it is a longer text and a larger amount of work, the final price is negotiable and in this case the final price might also be lower than the basic price.

The price for proof-reading of English, German and Croatian texts is HRK 40 (5.20€) per standard page. The final price is also negotiable, if it is a longer text or a larger amount of work.

Delivery of documents/texts for translation:

Documents and texts for translation can be submitted in person or delivered by email (documents as scans, texts as files in word or pdf format).

Not certified translations can be picked up in person or also delivered by email.
If you need a certified translation you can pick it up in person or it can be sent to you by standard or air mail.


GSM: +385 (0)91 794 8331